2021 Results

All-Around / Relay / Axe Throw

Women’s All-Around Points
Men’s All-Around Points
Team Relay
Axe Throw

Sawing Events

Hot Saw
Women’s Single Buck
Men’s Single Buck
Jack and Jill
Jill and Jill
Master’s Double Buck
Double Buck
Novice Men’s Single Buck

Chopping Events

Novice Men’s Underhand Chop
Women’s Underhand Chop
Men’s Underhand Chop
Men’s Standing Block Chop
Master’s Underhand Chop
Springboard Chop

Climbing Events

60ft Climb
90ft Climb

Log Rolling and Boom Running

Pro Women’s Log Rolling
Pro Women’s Boom Run
Pro Men’s Log Rolling
Pro Men’s Boom Run

Semi-Pro Women’s Log Rolling
Semi-Pro Men’s Log Rolling

Amateur Log Rolling

U-7 Co-ed
U-10 Girl’s
U-10 Boy’s
U-13 Girl’s
U-13 Boy’s
U-17 Girl’s
U-17 Boy’s