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August 1, 2, 3, 2024

Lumberjack Sport Events

Log Rolling - Lumberjack World Championships

Log Rolling

Lumberjacks and lumberjills run atop spinning, floating logs in an attempt to topple their opponents! Difficulty increases as the logs get smaller!

Boom Running - Lumberjack World Championships

Boom Running

Competitors sprint atop a “boom” – a series of linked, floating logs – from one dock to another and back, as logs begin to spin out of control!

Pole Climbing - Lumberjack World Championships

Speed Pole Climbing

Lumberjacks go head to head in the breathtaking speed pole climb as they scale a 60′ or 90′ pole & seemingly fall to earth in record time!

Chopping - Lumberjack World Championships


Lumberjacks and lumberjills sharpen up their axes to compete in the high intensity standing chop, underhand chop, springboard chop, and standing block chop!

Throwing - Lumberjack World Championships

Axe Throwing

Bullseye! Precision is the name of the game as competitors throw a double-bit axe as close to the center of a target as possible from a set distance away.

Sawing - Lumberjack World Championships


Sawdust will fly when lumberjacks and Lumberjills attack lathe-turned white pine in a head-to-head competition using a crosscut saw or a souped-up chainsaw in a variety of fast and furious events!

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Historic Lumberjack Bowl – On the shores of Lake Hayward in Hayward, WI

15670 W. County Road B
Hayward, WI 54843